Security Architecture

Information Security Needs Robust Architecture

If you are planning to build IT security architecture or already have one, in either case we can help you to design and implement a robust IT security architecture in place, and ensure that in future a rapid response to new needs is guaranteed. Our consultation services are based on standards, guidelines and best practices to help you make a tradeoff between the three major security matters:


IT Security Architecture will most likley includes:

  • Administrative Controls: These includes management policies which applies to employees; examples include: Password Policy, Internet Usage Policy, Email Policy, Access Policy...etc.
  • Logical Controls: These includes most likely documents and software to enforce security, like: Secure Network Map, Access Management System, Authentication Management System, AntiVirus System...etc.
  • Physical Controls: These includes appliances and devices to enforce security, like: Firewall Appliance, AntiSpam Appliance, FingerPrint Access Device...etc.

Seek ISO 27001 Compliance?

Our consultation services are based on global standards including ISO 27001, to know more about our ISO 27001 consultation services please CLICK HERE.

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About Us

We believe that current security systems are well advanced BUT they are not enough ... this is why we are here. We are a security focused company believing in helping users to raise their security through their already invested in IT products rather than pushing our products to replace old ones and get company's IT budget spent.

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