Web Content Filtering

Our security platform’s 64 different web content filtering categories allows an organisation to implement detailed web surfing policies for HR compliance and user productivity. It also provides protection from malware and phishing attempts.

Benefits of URL Filtering

    Security – enables real-time protection from emerging Web threats including malware, phishing and Zombies/ bots
    HR compliance/regulation – prevents browsing to questionable content like pornography and hate sites
    Productivity – blocks or monitors sites to maximise employee productivity
    Bandwidth regulation – identifies sites that consume an organisation’s bandwidth (e.g. movies, music)
    Teacher/Parental control – restricts access to inappropriate Web sites


    64 categories – 8 of which are security related
    Language- and content-agnostic; vast coverage of international sites
    Database contains hundreds of millions of the most relevant URLs
    Auto-adjusting cache
    Handles >50,000 requests per second with low resource utilisation
    Returns up to 5 categories per URL
    Configurable cache footprint
    http, https, ftp and other protocols


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About Us

We believe that current security systems are well advanced BUT they are not enough ... this is why we are here. We are a security focused company believing in helping users to raise their security through their already invested in IT products rather than pushing our products to replace old ones and get company's IT budget spent.

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